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Dog Crate

Our custom dog crate furniture is handcrafted in Stanley, North Carolina

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Custom Dog Crate
Base Color
Top Color
Back Wall
Barn Doors
Metal Chew Guard
Side Shelves 18"
Vinyl Floor

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Our custom Dog Crates and Kennels

can be designed to accommodate all size dogs.

no dog to small or to big we will make one to fit your pets needs. 

Our crates can be made

anyway you need!

* Add drawers to your custom dog crate to hide all the extras

Toys, harness, collars,

grooming tools, medications 

and much more.

* Go un-hinged by adding 

our rolling barn doors.

*We can create furniture for 

your dog (s) that can also be 

used as TV stands, entry 

tables, media centers, coffee

bar, end tables and much


*We can make them big or

small. If you have a Great

Dane, or a Chihuahua

just send measurements.

* If your dog likes to chew, we

can add chew guards.

* Add shelves to a side or both,

you can also put a food station

in the middle, with bowls and

food container storage.

Next Step For You Dog Crate

Once you submit this form we will contact you on price for your 

custom dog crate. If you are Happy with the price and want to move 

forward on your Wooden dog crate. we will then contact you within

24 hours to discuss Paint and Stain color options. We also asked 

for a 25% non-refundable deposit to start your new home for your

fur baby! 

Please include a good email address and phone number.

You can email us your ideas or a pic of a crate you would like built.

We will always contact you and discuss or confirm your design (size, options, finishes). If ordering a custom crate via email, we will send an invoice with payment options. Once payment is made, we will first  digitally design the crate and send it to verify the size, options, and finish. Once we get approval, we start construction. At this point, we can not offer any refunds. Once the crate is complete we will contact you to discuss delivery or pick up options.

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